Caring for and Replacing Your Chevrolet S-10 Fenders

The heavy traffic and congestion in Las Vegas and other areas of Nevada can lead to unwanted repairs. If you have been in a recent fender bender and are planning on completing the repairs in a DIY project, you have come to the right place. GM Parts Gurus in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers a broad range of genuine GM parts and accessories for your Chevy S-10 truck. Our online order search bar will allow you to quickly locate all of the parts that you need for your repair, and we will process and package your order quickly and have it ready for shipment anywhere in the United States. Your Chevrolet S10 is built to handle heavy off-roading, but if you are barreling through the rough terrain in Vegas, you will experience blasts of dirt, rocks and other debris that will stick to your wheels. This debris is propelled as the wheels rotate and your strong Chevrolet S10's fenders can take a beating. Replacing your fender after an accident or after a serious dent or the wear and tear brought by debris is easier than you may realize. Driving with that dent or those dings on your fenders is frustrating for truck owners who treasure the beautiful of their tough, rugged S10. Replacing your fender can restore your vehicle's image and have you back enjoying the thrill of driving a great looking truck once again.

Repairing Your Chevrolet S10 Fender

Large dents or cracks may be too difficult to repair and will require that you replace the fender, but there are some fixes that you can use to restore your fender without replacing the part. For example, you can remove minor dents with a small rubber mallet on the underside of the fender. Scratches can also be minimized or completely removed when you sand, buff, and wax the scratched area. Regular maintenance will go a long way to protect your fenders after you replace or restore them. This area of the truck is typically attacked with tons of dry dust and dirt, rocks, stones, water, mud and other debris from the road and terrain that is thrown by the wheels. Washing your truck on a regular basis will also go a long way in protecting and even restoring the finish and sheen. For example, if you allow the muck to accumulate and sit for extended periods of time on the paint and body, it will allow the vehicle to begin to break down and to corrode. When you clean your Chevrolet S10 fenders, use a nonabrasive cleaner that will not scratch the paint. Washing, buffing and waxing your truck will keep it looking great for years, even if it's sitting in the hot Nevada sun instead of in the cool shade or a garage.

How much will it Cost to Replace my Chevrolet S10 Fender?

The price of your new fender will depend on the quality and the brand that you choose, as well if you buy an individual fender or a package of two. Price Check GM Parts Gurus to place your order. Genuine OEM fenders are the best option because the fender is an exact duplicate to the original part, and it is made of the highest quality material. It's always easiest to replace a fender, door, bumper or another body part with an OEM part because it's always a perfect fit and will align correctly with the wheel and side panels.

Do I Need fender Accessories for My Chevrolet S-10?

Chevrolet S-10 fenders may be accessorized with the addition of fender flares, fender trims or both. Fender flares will widen the fenders to add protection and provide a more rugged look for your S-10. Fender trims are a decorative accessory that will follow the contour of both fenders to provide a more prominent appearance. The trim is comprised of shiny, polished steel or chrome plating.

Check for Additional Issues after an Accident

Always check for additional issues after your vehicle is in an accident because even a minor fender bender can create hidden problems, such as a bent rim or frame. If you try to replace the fender or even a rim without having the truck professionally looked at, you may be opening up a can of worms. If there is damage to a frame, now is the time to address the issue. A damaged rim can create a thumping sound that appears to be coming from the fender or tire damage. A broken rim or bent frame can create a steering wheel vibration that is noticeable when you drive. Handling issues may also be recognized if the frame or rim is bent. A decrease in gas mileage is a sign that the rim is bent. Thoroughly examine the frame and the wheel around the damaged fender to locate any cracks, dents or breaks. Inspect your tires to look for signs of unusual wear. If your frame or a rim is bent, it will move the truck out of alignment, and the frame will not fit correctly, and it will create longer term issues that should be addressed immediately to secure the wellbeing of the truck. Sometimes it takes some exploration to find hidden issues, but it is worth the extra time and effort. Your Chevy can look better than ever after your do-it-yourself restoration project, and we have professionals who will answer any questions that you may have.

Placing Your Order

We have all of the parts that you may need to restore your Chevy S-10 fender along with any other body parts, here at Our knowledgeable parts specialist is available by phone at 1-844-734-8539, or you can place your order online HERE. Just enter the year and model or your Chevrolet's VIN along with the part that you need. You can expect speedy service and quick delivery when you place your order with We look forward to working with you!