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Easily the most recognizable brand under the General Motors umbrella, Chevrolet has been producing award-winning models since 1911. One of the secrets of Chevy's success is superior OEM parts. If you need to repair your Chevrolet, there are a number of reasons why you should use OEM gear.

To begin with, OEM Chevrolet parts simply produce better results since they're built with precision out of the best materials around. While aftermarket hardware may look the part and deliver acceptable performance, it's not the real deal. If you want your Chevy to drive the way it's meant to, always go with OEM.

Another reason why OEM Chevrolet parts are so respected is their longevity under the most challenging conditions. Pop the hood on any Chevy that's at least a decade old and you'll see plenty of original factory hardware that's still in great shape. Aftermarket parts won't last nearly as long as OEM parts.

Possibly the best reason to opt for OEM Chevy parts is their attractive value proposition. Compared to other brands, Chevrolet boasts some of the most affordable OEM parts on the market. Real OEM Chevy parts are a better deal than aftermarket parts when you factor their durability into the equation.

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